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A message from the Station Master ‘Our Mission Statement’

My Wooden Railway Station MasterIt’s often said that every business should have a Mission Statement. Something that they strive for, their vision and the principles they do business by.

It guides their existence and purpose and provides a framework to define its key market, contribition and distinction to others. So what is My Wooden Railway about, who is our customer and what makes us different?

Our Mission Statement

Whilst we may not have fully articulated this mission statement in full and in great detail, it’s important to share what we think is important.

My Wooden Railway is all about;

Passion – being passionate about what we do and the positive difference we make to others
Creativity – allowing others to use their boundless imagination to be creative in play
Quality – of the products we sell and the awesome service we strive to give to our customers
Community – building a community for others to socially share experiences and their interests

We are building this business from the ground up, track piece by track piece. We truly hope that people will get value from what we do. Things don’t happen overnight, and in fact, some would say that our Station Master has a fine eye for detail and doing things right.

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Many thanks,

The Station Master and the My Wooden Railway Team

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