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Happy Halloween to all our Friends & Followers

Halloween pumpkins

Happy Halloween everyone!  31st October is the time of the year that we like to get really creative, but we need some help on what to carve into the pumpkins.

A quick search into Google Images for pumpkin templates and the search results brings back far too many choices.  Although we do like the fact that Google have sorted out the designs into themes, e.g. bat, cat, Disney, spider, witch, etc.

We need your help on a pumpkin design

There are four pumpkins ready and waiting to be carved, but we need your help.

Contact us via our social media channels and suggest what pumpkin design we should carve out.  We might have one spare pumpkin ready to dedicate to one of our Friends or Followers.  Don’t expect us to put it in the post, but we’ll make sure that we take a photo of our attempt to recreate the idea you suggest.

Should we do a face, an animal, an object, a word, or something else?

Many thanks,

My Wooden Railway Team

Pumpkin Update

We got the pumpkins carved and here’s our candlelight masterpiece.  The bat and spider got lots of compliments, but we think the lantern design is simple and effective.

Happy Halloween to all our Friends and Followers on our social channels.

Happy Halloween to all our Friends and Followers on our social channels.

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