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Creative Easter ideas for your train track and chocolate eggs

Creative Easter ideas!

Happy Easter! Easter Sunday has arrived and it’s rainy. Typical. But fear not. Why not get out the train track and use your excess chocolate eggs to have some Easter fun indoors with these creative Easter ideas.

We actually prepared this a few weeks ago, but had lots of fun using a big bag of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and a giant Cadbury’s Easter Egg.  Here are a few suggestions to pass the time away today and forget about the weather.

Building an Easter Egg chocolate tunnel

Happy Easter

You may have seen this image on our social channels, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  It looks more tricky that it actually is. If all fails, you can eat the final creation.

  1. Firstly find yourself the largest Easter egg you have.  Hopefully you have saved the best until last.
  2. Unbox the egg carefully and place into the fridge and leave in there for an hour or two.
  3. If you have a giant egg such as the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk or Cadbury’s Mini Eggs, the middle section is an oval which is ideal for the tunnel section. If not, don’t worry.
  4. Find yourself a sharp knife and make the blade relatively warm (run under the tap or take straight out the dishwasher once finished).
  5. Take the egg out of the fridge, carefully and gradually score an oval into each side of the egg until you make a hole. Warning, the egg may get fragile and warm in your hands.
  6. Once each oval is hollowed out, repeat the above near the base of the egg to make a flat edge.
  7. Marvel at your creation for just a moment and place back in the fridge to harden up.
  8. Build your train track and get the trains out.
  9. Finally take the chilled Easter egg out of the fridge and place over the track for the trains to travel through.
  10. Once you’ve finished playing or get hungry, enjoy your chocolate tunnel!

Don’t forget to take some pictures and videos of your Easter ideas and chocolate creations.

Load up the train carriages with Mini Eggs

If you have got some Cadbury’s Mini Eggs for Easter, these chocolate eggs make the perfect cargo for your carriages. They don’t melt quickly which means you can have fun loading them onto the trains and then unloading into your mouth.

Using Vine to capture 6 seconds of video fun

Vine is an app that you can you download to your smartphone (iOS and Android) which creates a 6 second video that is looped.  You can take a continuous capture, or with the press to record function, create a stop motion effect video or with difference scenes.  After you are done, you can share on Twitter and Facebook.

Enhance your track with Easter chicks and bunnies


It might be likely that you have some Easter nik naks around the house already.  These little chicks and bunnies are very cute, and scatter them around the train track to add a healthy dose of Springtime feeling to your creative play.  You can also consider cutting up the used Easter Egg boxes if they have Easter characters on them, and stick them to the trains or stations.

Using Google+ to create an animated gif Auto Awesome’ness

Chocolate Easter egg tunnel

If you have a Google account, you can upload your photos into your Google+ account or activate the auto-backup feature. If you have taken more than 5 photos that Google believes to be similar or sequential, it adds some special effects called #AutoAwesome.  Basically, it uses the photos and creates a motion gif.

Creating a farm scene after Easter

If you were inspired by our creative farm scene, we used pieces from the BRIO 33719 Farm Railway Set and the BRIO 33603 Silo Set.


Have fun this Easter, but don’t forget there’s no need to eat all that chocolate today. There’s always Bank Holiday Monday.

My Wooden Railway Team

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