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A timeless classic toy for generations to enjoy

Classic Brio TrainThere are two important things a parent looks for in a toy for their child. Firstly it is whether they will enjoy it. With so much toy advertising on the television between episodes of Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, children are saturated with marketing for gadgets that imitate their parents tablets and mobile phones, to toys that glorify pulling out bogies from their nose or dogs having a poo. Secondly and slightly more selfishly, is whether this toy will last more than a few weeks in their attention span or durability.

Toys don’t come cheap these days, and as we near Christmas parents will be faced with the excessive toy demands from their children or the expectations set upon themselves to keep up with the Jones’. The last thing you need is to find all those toys during the holidays not being played with because the kids are simply bored.

Let imagination set the destination

The beauty of a wooden train set is that is gets better and better over time. BRIO have a lovely marketing strapline, ‘let imagination set the destination’. With a wooden railway you can keep adding track, trains, stations, bridges and much more.  Children are rarely hindered with using their imagination in any way. They will often get as close to the ground to role play the trains going through tunnels and round the tracks.  Every time you get the train set out, different layouts and stories can be created.

You will get many years of enjoyment owning a wooden railway set.  BRIO is traditionally made of beech wood, and the quality can easily be felt compared to cheaper brands who make wooden train track.  Regardless of brand, a train set remains a stable edition of any young child’s toy box.  Often handed down to younger siblings and generations, you know that owning a wooden railway will bring endless hours of fun and creativity for everyone, a truely timeless classic toy.

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