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Happy New Year, 2015 here we come!

Wow, that year went quickly didn’t it.  2015 here we come!

We wish you all a very happy new year and a prosperous 2015.

The last 12 months went by so fast it’s hard to believe.  However, we’ve got lots planned for the coming months, and the unveiling of our logo (finally).


Just like last year, we thought it would be clever to make the 2015 out of BRIO train track.  Amazingly we managed to create the numericals and added a few trains.  You might even spot a vintage crane and the classic engine if you look closely.

Apologies for the dodgy looking ‘5’ in our photo.  It’s only when you’ve packed everything away you realise (or get told) that you should have used large curved track for the ‘0’ and the small curved track for the bottom of the ‘5’.  Oh well, never mind.

Hope you enjoy the creativity once again.

Happy New Year,

My Wooden Railway Team

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